logo-forno-con-ombraSince 20 years, Forno di Levizzano is the specialist in quality frozen
artisan bakery.
Given that in order to make a good product you need to use quality
ingredients and work it correctly respecting all procedures and
preparation times, freezing is nothing more than a storage system. The
products to which is applied freezing are not to be considered
automatically poor quality, which depends on the ingredients and on the
processing methods. The importance of the trade is supported by a
sales force and of advice that assists quickly and effectively our
In the assortment, there are over seventy references that can enrich
your products range.
The product range includes a wide assortment of breads, from the
common bread to the various special breads, a wide variety of pizzas
and focaccias, a whole range of salty snacks.
At the base of the high satisfaction’s degree and the commercial
success of our customers, there is the great commitment of our
employees, including many specialists in the bakery industry, as well as
the most modern production techniques and the constant
development of new products.
The customer is at the center of all our efforts, because he lend daily
his good name to our products.
Independently if bakery, restaurant, bar or retail, our frozen bakery
products give you the opportunity to focus on the primary tasks of the
company and at the same time and to extend your offer the on the trade
with a wide range of high quality products